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Compassionate Counseling in Winter Park

We are a diverse team of counselors who specialize in:

Start Living Constantly Healthy,
Same Day Therapy with Weekend & Evening Availability
If you dream it, you can do it,
so what are you waiting for?
Don't just live,
Let’s begin your new amazing life today, 

Living Constantly Healthy Facebook Group

Living Constantly Healthy is a lifestyle and commitment to your mental health. A community where you can share your mental health journey, breakthroughs, and wins, and in return learn about other people's breakthroughs!




Winter Park Counseling. Constantly Healthy Counseling and Coaching

FREE 15-Minute Consultation

Want to find out if therapy is right for you? Book an appointment or a free 15-min consultation.

Winter Park Counseling and Therapy

Information on our
Rates and Packages

We believe you should dictate your treatment, not your insurance. By not taking insurance, we are empowering our clients, allowing them to choose who they see, how often they see them, and what type of therapy they’ll receive. 

Winter Park and Orlando Counseling and Therapy

Flexible Counseling Hours

We understand your problems are not 9-5, so we are here for you evenings or weekends (upon request). 


What our clients are saying..

Client Love
Winter Park Counseling

Constance is absolutely amazing. Before Constance I had another local person and the difference between the two are night and day. Our first session with Constance, we left with tools and knowledge to use right away. This knowledge you will learn will benefit all areas of your life. I’d highly recommend her for everyone!

- Andre 

Our Winter Park Counseling Center Is Located at:

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