At Constantly Healthy Counseling & Coaching, we are a diverse team of counselors. We are not like any other Winter Park counseling services. While other counselors take a slow pace to therapy, we offer a more goal-oriented compassionate approach, at your pace. With our experienced team of counselors, you will feel heard, supported, understood, and valued.
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Jada Goins

jada 2.jpeg

Office Manager

Jada Goins is an Administrative Assistant at Constantly Healthy Counseling & Coaching. She is the powerhouse that ensures all the team members and clients are taken care of and have an outstanding experience. Jada graduated with a Bachelor of Science focused on Psychology from the University of Central Florida. She is currently studying to become a Certified Life Coach and pursuing her graduate degree.

Jada is extremely talented and passionate about her work. She is an energetic professional who excels at wearing multiple hats. She enjoys helping others, offering support when needed, and taking the extra time to make personal connections with everyone she meets. In fact, when clients first call to book an appointment, they will likely be greeted by Jada. She is very approachable, and is able to make people feel comfortable, as well as answer all their questions. Understanding the unique needs of clients and matching them with the best counselor for their situation is one of her skills. We are very lucky to have her as part of the team.