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Benefits of Premarital Counseling in Orlando, Florida

When most people think about couples counseling, they see it as a tool to

navigate struggling relationships and marriages. Many people wait until the

burden of their marital issues becomes too heavy to seek guidance and


When it comes to our physical health, most people are familiar

with the concept of preventative care. We attend regular check-ups with our

doctors, practice good nutrition, and overall try to keep our bodies healthy

in an effort to minimize the possible risk of harm or illness. The same

concept of preventative care can be applied in romantic relationships.

Why wait until your ship is sinking to call for help when you can reinforce it along

the way?

Premarital counseling is a great tool to help you and your partner build a

strong foundation for your relationship. It allows you to work on the skills

necessary for a healthy relationship as well as provide you an opportunity

to address issues before they become distressing. Research supports

premarital counseling, showing that “couples who receive premarital

counseling have a thirty percent lower divorce rate than couples who do not

receive any” (Scott Stanley, The Marriage Project).

When couples engage in premarital counseling, they are establishing a positive connection with asking for help, and are more likely to seek and accept help with their

relationship further down the road.

Premarital counseling is beneficial in:

  • Improving communication skills.

  • Setting realistic expectations for the relationship and the future.

  • Providing an opportunity to address common issues.

  • Allowing partners to learn new things about each other and themselves.

  • Improving conflict management skills.

  • Discussing key topics in the relationship ex. Finances, religion, children, etc.

Instead of using therapy as a last resort when you’re nearing the end of

your marriage, start building a healthy and strong foundation through

premarital counseling.(This article was contributed by UCF Clinical Psychology student, Mileydy Morales)

Get in touch today if you need Premarital Counseling in Winter Park. We are here to help you live a constantly healthy lifestyle.

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