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CDC Mental Health News

CDC adds mental health disorders to list of conditions linked to higher risk of severe COVID-19.

Here's why.

Now more than ever it is important to not only maintain good physical health but as you can see, good mental health as well.

Though the medical field had come to this conclusion many months ago, it is indeed a big change now that the CDC has added them to the list of conditions linked to a higher risk of severe COVID-19.

Previous research has shown that mental health disorders are associated with a higher risk of other health problems like diabetes, stroke, and cardiovascular disease which are already recognized as risk factors for the disease. So it isn’t a giant leap to suggest that these disorders could put one at a higher risk of a more severe COVID-19 experience.

Many people with mental health issues may use vices such as smoking or unhealthy eating habits coupled with a lack of exercise and overwhelming stress. This combination can lead to a compromised immune system and a more challenging time fighting off and ultimately recovering from COVID-19. Mood disorders such as severe depression have been known to create a number of health problems including a compromised immune system which may stem from a lack of self care and tending to one’s own health needs, thus making them more vulnerable to a more severe case of COVID-19. In contrast, logically someone who is taking care of themselves physically and mentally and maintaining healthy habits would more than likely have less severe symptoms and an easier recovery time from the disease.

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