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Got Gottman? We Do! Learn About the Four Horsemen

The Four Horsemen may be living with you in your marriage or relationship and you may not even know it. Learn how to identify them and also how to defeat them.

Learn more about Gottman's Couples Counseling and how to create a deeper meaningful relationship with you and your partner.

Renowned Psychologist and Relationship Expert John Gottman has been doing research about relationships since the 1970’s and was able to identify four key behaviors (The Four Horsemen) exhibited by partners in what he referred to as a “disaster” relationship and how these behaviors are not present in a “master” relationship. He was then able to predict with 95% accuracy which relationships would last and which ones would fail, going as far as to be able to predict when they would fail.

The Four Horsemen are: Criticism, Defensiveness, Stonewalling and Contempt.

Read this article below to figure out which horsemen are living with you and then attend our free class on The Gottman Method to learn how you can rid yourself of these unwanted house guests or at least know how to deal with them. ⤵️

Watch This Introduction to Couple's Counseling & The Gottman Method from Constance Nelson

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