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Our Master Level Student Interns

The owner of Constantly Healthy Counseling and Coaching, Constance Nelson, dedicates much of her time and ability to furthering the education and utilization of Master-level student interns. As

she continues to spread her wealth of knowledge of evidence-based theoretical models, our

communities continue to benefit from her wide array of understanding and awareness within

the mental health field.

If you are deciding whether to schedule a session with a Master-level student intern at

Constantly Healthy Counseling and Coaching, here are some valuable facts…

  • Master-level student interns are currently enrolled in an accredited graduate program with constant supervision from an on-site licensed counselor, along with supervision from a qualified member at the enrolled program.

  • Depending on the program, the student intern will have completed the coursework required to begin face-to-face sessions.

  • Each Master-level intern requires ‘clinical experience hours’ to obtain a license for counseling.

  • Many Master-level interns work diligently towards completing trainings and achieving certifications for areas of specialty.

Some other benefits may include…

  • Continuous supervision from a fully licensed counselor supervisor

  • Cost effective with larger margins for sliding scale prices

  • Master-level interns conduct in-depth research specific to your case to ensure best practices are developed and utilized.

  • Master-level interns are prepared and educated on current and trending evidence-based theories and approaches.

(This article was contributed by Grand Canyon University graduate student, Ally Norris)

Information for this article was collected from Simplicity Psychotherapy, cite:

Have any other questions regarding scheduling with a Master-level student intern?

Feel free to call (407) 714-6362 or email us at

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